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Senior Corporate Counsel

28. 5. 2019

We are currently searching for Senior Corporate Counsel for our TOP client, world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. Our client’s innovative engineered solutions accelerate performance for a vast number of customers in a sustainable and responsible way.


The Employment Contract is signed with and on behalf of local branch as an Employer to accommodate the statutory requirements for employment relationship within Czech Labour laws and regulations, however the position is part of and belongs to the Corporate Group Legal team with entire responsibility for in-house advisory and legal assistance to all Company’s Group entities established and registered in the Czech Republic under Czech laws notwithstanding which Business Area they belong to.

The Employee shall provide and shall be responsible for in-house advisory and legal assistance in all following matters:

Typical matters the Group Legal team normally assists with

  • Matters where company Policy or Manuals require Group Legal involvement
  • Mergers, acquisitions, divestments, setting up new companies, liquidation
  • Long term agreements with high values (more than three years and more than 1 M€)
  • Agreements with high risks (more than 2 M € risks) or enhanced risk areas/applications (e.g. aviation, offshore, medical, nuclear, subsea and similar)
  • Agency and Distribution agreements
  • Agreements where competitors are involved
  • Review of memberships in organisations
  • Company formalities and Corporate Governance issues
  • Insurance claims
  • Environmental matters
  • Real estate purchase or sale
  • IPR registration and disputes
  • Formal complaints to or from authorities
  • Templates and legal standards
  • Financing contracts – loan agreements, guarantees, letters of comfort, parent company guarantees
  • Litigations, arbitration, and other disputes
  • Employment law in cases where legal expertise is required
  • Training in any of the above

Interim Period of Company Policies and Standards implementation

  • Co-ordination of work handled by approved external counsels; other counsels involvement where appropriate (case-by-case and with prior approval of General Counsel) and their supervision.

External Counsels

  • The number of Czech entities representing a material part of company operations was acquired and became part of Company Group during 2016 and their internal rules, policies and standardized documents are still not fully in line with the Company Group Standards. Therefore the main part of the Employee job for first few months in her position will be revision of all relevant internal rules and processes and their amendment/changes to comply with Company Group Policies and other rules and standards. Within this period of time, the Employee might be required to deal with issues that do not typically fall into the scope of Group Legal responsibilities as described above or in details by Company Policies.


  • The Employee is responsible for its cost center budgeting within the local branches structure, including the proper cost allocation to all relevant entities and/or Group Legal.


  • University Degree in Law
  • At least 10 years of experience in providing full scope of in-house legal services
  • Experience in working at multi-national and corporate environment
  • Organizational, Leadership, Communication and Influencing skills (“Trusted Advisor” proven track records)

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