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Our Approach

At TOPSEARCH, we always approach everyone with the knowledge that career change or recruitment of employees are extremely important steps in the life of the company or of the individual. For us, you are never just one of our other clients or one in the line of candidates. We respect and appreciate your expertise, professionalism and individuality, because we are aware that in the background of every change there is a certain history, development and often difficult decision making. That is why we are glad to assist you in the process of these major changes and we will give you full attention.

Priority in negotiating with both candidates and clients is for us at TOPSEARCH a completely professional approach with a human face. We believe that every individual has a unique persona. We acknowledge the fact that all of us in our society have a certain way of life behind us that shaped us and at the same time it positively affects our expectations for the future. This applies to professional relationships, business opportunities, employees, employers and business partners.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance for us to understand the needs of our clients, to become familiar with their current corporate culture, personalities in society, visions, expectations and experiences. In the case of our candidates, we put emphasis on personal conduct, in which we try to understand their ambitions, career goals, and especially the motivation for a change. It is clear to us that motivation changes during a professional life, so we always take into account the current situation. As a result of this information, we are then able to purposefully connect great professionals with other recognized experts.

An important part of our work at TOPSEARCH is to define a relationship with clients and individuals. We believe that for companies we are a partner to find amazing employees, on the other hand for individuals we are those who help them in their career change and to fulfill their vision. You can trust that if you have moved your career or company forward with us, we feel extreme importance and encouragment.

Last but not least, we would like to emphasize that we greatly appreciate the trust you have given to us. It binds us to always do the best we can to solve your current personal situation.

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