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Our Values

All TOPSEARCH employees share the identical goal of providing first class services and building long-term relationships with our clients and candidates. During our cooperation, we maximally devote our time and professional experience to reaching a detailed understanding of your sector, requirements and corporate culture.

During each cooperation, we take pride in an individual and transparent approach based on integrity and fairness. We are convinced that it is only with this approach that we can provide services in a quality that our clients and candidates deservedly expect from us.

We are transparent, but also consistent, in our approach and communication. Your letter or e-mail is thus never left unanswered. We communicate with candidates and clients regularly and actively.

As we strictly abide by our corporate values and thanks to the confidence gained from earlier cooperation, candidates and clients turn to us repeatedly.

TOPSEARCH’s partners and consultants are bound by the following values:


We regard confidentiality as absolutely essential for the success of each cooperation. We make sure that information about our clients and candidates is protected as much as possible in every project. We acknowledge that personnel changes affect companies, as well the personal lives of individual candidates. This awareness is reflected in our approach to all involved parties.

Pro-client approach

We perceive and follow the individual requirements of our clients and candidates. We adjust the process accordingly so that both the clients and the candidate are satisfied at the end of each cooperation.

Persistence and effort

Filling the position with a quality and stable candidate is a priority for us. During each cooperation, we fully monitor all potential candidates on the market. We always want to be sure that we have not forgotten any of the options and performed our work at 100 %.

Personal and team solution

We are ready to provide maximally professional services to all our clients and candidates, based on our long-term experience and personal approach. Despite the high effort of all of our employees, we are aware that even the best individuals have their limits that cannot be exceeded. For this reason, we opt for team cooperation, in which experienced consultants can best prepare the ideal solution that is in the interest of clients and candidates.

Creativity and new approaches

We do not stagnate. We constantly search for new and creative approaches for the application of our know-how and skills. We offer our clients and candidates modern solutions, primarily in the area of new technologies, including social networks. Know-how, modern technologies, efficiency and creativity help every individual and company to find their position in the market and thus succeed.

High service standards

We give our all in each cooperation, which allows us to provide highly efficient, correct and valued services. We are aware that an average work performance does not pay off for anyone in the long run.


We always establish, maintain and develop new relationships based on ethical principles and the rules of natural human decency. We approach our clients and candidates in a transparent, loyal and tactful manner, as required by the principles of professionalism and true partnership.

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