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Our Values

Providing first-class services and building long-term relationships with our clients and candidates is the goal of everyone at TOPSEARCH. We devote our time and professional experience to comprehending your industry, your needs, and last but not least, your corporate culture.

We offer an individual and open approach based on integrity and honesty. We are convinced that only by this approach we can provide the high level services that our clients and candidates rightly expect.

At TOPSEARCH we always respond to every letter or email. We communicate with both candidates and clients regularly so they know that we are qualified and tactful advisors. For this reason, and on the basis of trust and previous good experience, both our candidates and clients have repeatedly reached out to us. This approach is one of the important factors that strengthens our excellent professional reputation.

Binding values for TOPSEARCH partners and consultants are:

Pro Customer Attitude

We evaluate and manage individual requirements of our clients and candidates. According to those, we prepare final procedures in a way that after their implementation the candidates and clients are not only successful but also satisfied. This brings us satisfaction and the joy of success.

Personal and Team Solutions

The unparalleled commitment of everyone at TOPSEARCH meets the requirements you expect from us. We are ready to offer you our professionally tailored services, respectfully, based on years of experience and personal approach. At the same time, we are aware that even the best individual has limits that cannot be exceeded. For this reason, we choose teamwork of experienced consultants that will best prepare the ideal solution for both clients and candidates. Our previous results and favorable customer feedback best confirm this.

Creativity and New Approach

We never stay put, and so we are constantly looking for new and creative techniques when applying our knowledge and skill. We offer our clients and candidates modern solutions especially in the field of new technologies including social networks. Knowledge, modern technology, efficiency and creativity help each and every individual and company find use at market and therefore to be successful.

High Quality Service

We provide our clients and candidates with highly efficient, proper and useful services. It is clear to us that mediocrity, albeit perhaps bringing about a short-term financial effect, would in the long run result in a loss of trust. That is why we are always growing professionally, to be the best of the best leaders in the industry.


In establishing new relationships, in the process of their maintenance and in their further professional development, we always follow ethical principles and the precept of natural human decency. We treat clients and candidates openly, loyally, with tact, as is required in professional and true partnership.

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