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(Česky) Hledáme k nám novou kolegyni nebo kolegu, konzultanta optimistu.

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(Česky) Hledáme praktického lékaře pro zavedenou rodinnou ordinaci.


Employee training has become an established norm of running companies and institutions in the private and public sector.  However, companies which invest in various courses and workshops often find that money invested did not bring the expected contribution to their activities or business results.  Our approach of management and implementation of training projects can significantly reduce this risk.

We believe that training is a unique service tailored to the individual needs of each client.  The result is gaining new abilities, or development of current professional abilities and knowledge  or personal abilities of employees.  To gain such results we abide by the following key rules:

  1. Knowledge of the client company culture
  2. Definition of the training´s priorities and aims
  3. Selection of the right training method and most suitable trainer
  4. Result orientation
  5. Applicability of acquired knowledge, experience and capabilities
  6. Provision of added value

Our service is made up of individual modules which can be selected and combined.  Suitable selection of modules, their right sequence and schedule leads to an effective programme tailor made to specific organisation and its actual needs.  Training programmes cater for company needs for immediate improvement, gaining specific result or to coping with critical situation, or for long-term increase of employee qualifications and the ability to cope with competitions in the market.

Individual approach –we select a unique project team for each client, the programme is optimised with a view to specific company needs.  According to the nature of the training, specialised professionals can be included in the team, beside trainers and guarantors of the project.

Why should you use our Training service?

  1. Are you interested in increasing the effectiveness of running your company and optimise the use of capabilities of your employees?
  2. Do you wish to increase your ability to cope with competition with specific training, but do not want to invest in a group or unified training?
  3. Do you want a tailor made programme for your company which caters for your actual needs instead of universal training?
  4. Do you find interesting the trainers´ specific practical experience in the areas in which you seek improvement?
  5. Are you a manager who wishes to use professional techniques even for the management of your own career?

Our Training service is provided by the company Partners and cooperating consultants who possess comprehensive experience which includes:

  1. Experience of working in top management positions in international companies.
  2. Detailed knowledge of company structures, key processes, strategy development, management of key customers.
  3. Practical experience of team development or restructuring of subsidiaries or parts of companies, or launching new business activities.
  4. Capability in planning and implementation of employee development and using appraisal tools gained in well known international companies.
  5. Conducting management and professional training and coaching managers in international organisations.
  6. Thorough knowledge of the marketplace and companies in key industries and fields.
  7. Proven, successful and  practical use of training knowledge and abilities.

The emphasis on ethics, quality, flexibility and individual approach are important characteristics of the way we conduct our business.

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