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Konzultant optimista

(Česky) Hledáme k nám novou kolegyni nebo kolegu, konzultanta optimistu.

Praktický lékař

(Česky) Hledáme praktického lékaře pro zavedenou rodinnou ordinaci.


We see outplacement as a comprehensive service which helps companies to cope with organisational changes which are caused by mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, reorganisations, relocations or by changes of top management.

We provide support and consultancy to companies and to their employees before, during and after organisation changes, in five steps:

  1. Preparation and planning of organisation changes
  2. Preparation of communication strategy for announcement of changes to employees, including training managers in having to give negative information
  3. The presence of consultant(s) during the announcement of change and/or during the handing out of notices
  4. Preparation of employees who remain in the company employment for the period of change
  5. Implementation of outplacement programmes for the redundant employees – group activities, individual programmes for managers, advisory centres, psychological and legal consulting

Our outplacement programme is in a modular form, so it is possible to select and combine individual modules and prepare the programme according to the specific company requirement, taking into consideration their situation and budget.

Why should you use outplacement:

  • Keep the image of a responsible employer in the market place
  • Minimise possible legal complications with terminations of employment
  • Keep the work morale of your existing employees
  • Help your managers to cope with the organisational change

Advantage of working with experienced partners:

  • Ethical and confidential service
  • Special know-how based on more than 10 years´ experience in the Czech and Slovak labour market conditions
  • Consultants  are professionals with specific training and experience in outplacement
  • Experience with projects of different scale and in diverse industries
  • Flexibility of time and location
  • More open communication with employees through a third party
  • Tailor-made project
  • Provision of regular feedback about the work with clients (employees)

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