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The Consulting Division offers a wide range of personnel consulting activities, both for individuals and for organisations.  Our aim is to work with clients with understanding of their individual situations, company cultures, plans and with combined effort to achieve higher efficiency.
Our experience was acquired from a number of industries and sectors, in the Czech Republic and at an international level.  Most programmes are “tailor-made” – they are practical and specific, prepared according to the clients´ needs.

The Consulting services include:

  1. A company organisation structure, definition of job content for individual positions, personnel audit.
  2. Employee assessment – assessment of professional skills and knowledge Development centres, personality assessments, professional capability, development.
  3. Preparation and implementation of Assessment centre.
  4. Coaching.
  5. Employment law consulting.
  6. Consulting in internal and external communication.
  7. Career Development for individuals.

What are the benefits of using Consulting service?


  1. Using a consultant with many years experience in a specific area can be quicker for and more effective for you then trying to resolve a situation on your own.
  2. Our added value is based on the ability to bring an overview from outside and come up with recommendation, with the use of interpretation and analyses of the key aspects.
  3. In our work we keep professional and ethical approach.
  4. We always try to find solution and enable your organisation to grow and become successful.  If we are unable to fulfil the task we shall tell you so.  If we can, we shall propose an alternative solution.

Consulting is provided by the company partners who possess comprehensive experience which include:

  1. Proven experience in top management positions in international organisations.
  2. Detailed knowledge of company structures, key processes, strategy development, management of key customers.
  3. Practical  experience in team building, setting up or restructuring of subsidiaries or in launch of new business activities.
  4. Personal experience in carrying out employee appraisals, planning and implementation of development plans for employees within international companies.
  5. Conducting professional training and management coaching within international companies.
  6. Deep knowledge of the market and companies which conduct business in key sectors and industries.
  7. Personal contacts and possibility of direct recommendation or consultancy in a number of market sectors.
  8. Many years experience in management search and selection (executive search).
  9. Successful management of individual and group outplacement programmes for managers of well known international and local companies.

The emphasis on ethics, quality, flexibility and individual approach are important characteristics of the way we conduct our business.

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