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Konzultant optimista

(Česky) Hledáme k nám novou kolegyni nebo kolegu, konzultanta optimistu.

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(Česky) Hledáme praktického lékaře pro zavedenou rodinnou ordinaci.

Career Development

Career Development is a modern service which is more and more used by managers and specialists.  When should the service of career adviser be used?  Always when you are to make an important decision and consider a career change.  Or when you seek new opportunities for personal development.  You may appreciate services of a career advisor when you feel professional stagnation, feel burnt out, or when you just need to consult with someone your plans.

With our individual approach we can help you to consider your abilities, interests and capabilities. The process leads to better awareness of own possibilities and career orientation.  It can also lead to assessment of your current employment situation, and finding that it is still suitable and interesting.  In our view, understanding own life priorities and financial needs is key to building future career.

Our consultants will assist you to orientate yourself not only in the current job market but also in the area of own business and with business development.

What are the benefits in using career advice service?

  • Our consultants who have many years of years experience will enable you to move your ideas and wishes to concrete solution.
  • Realising own priorities, preferences and aims will help you to see and understand your current opportunities. Assisting to reach your aims is what our work is about.
  • You can chose a mature and balanced advisor whom you can trust.  Professional and  ethical conduct and confidentiality are key to our approach.
  • Our advisors are certified by Profile International.

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