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What We Do

TOPSEARCH was founded in 2006 with the aim to capitalize on the knowledge and experience of the founding members and partners. After many years in executive search coupled with line management experience in senior roles in commerce and HR, and within an international company environment in diverse industries, we are able to offer a mature and balanced support both to our clients as well as to our candidates.
We provide a wide range of consulting services in the field of human resources, covering six specific areas:

Executive Search

Executive Search for middle, senior and top management, including specialists, represents the main activity of our business.

Career Development

A very popular service in our portfolio is Career Development.  Thanks to the individual approach, many years of experience and knowledge of the current situation in the job market, we are able to provide professional advice to individuals looking for a new career, considering a job change or change of an industry, or wishing to achieve career progression.


The third pillar of our activities is Training. We provide our clients comprehensive support with recruitment, development and effective utilisation of skills and abilities of their employees.


The fourth part of our services is Consultancy.  Here, we provide a wide range of specific services catering both for companies and for individuals in the area of personal development, presentation, self-presentation and opportunities for further growth.  The service includes personal audits, assessment centers, particularly development centers, personal diagnostics, advisory support with employment legislation, career development for managers or specialized services, such as mystery shopping.


The second important part of our services is Outplacement. This service is designed to enable companies and their employees to better cope with organizational changes.  There is a Partner in charge who has many years of experience with the provision of both group and individual/management forms of outplacement.

IT recruitment & bodyshopping

Our IT recruitment team is ready to go 24/7. We know how important it is to be fast and goal-oriented when it comes to IT staff. Our experience includes searching for front end, back end, and database developers. We have also a wide record of placing IT managers and specialist.

We also provide following services:

  • Personnel audits
  • Assessment centers
  • Development centers
  • Labor law consulting

Whichever service you use, you will benefit from the consistency and expertise of a mature team of experts who have all gained experience both from working within organizations and who have now been engaged for a considerable time as consultants.

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